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Cobblestone Painting, Take One

Posted in Terrain, Work In Progress on May 12th, 2009 by Svenn
A small block with the old stamp pattern, painted up

A small block with the old stamp pattern, painted up

We managed to get some attempts at painting cobblestone in. It looks okay, but I’m not completely satisfied with the results. I do think that the stamps will work exactly as they are now. The patterns look great when pressed into the foam itself, now we just need to make it look good after painting… and to find a good way of painting without taking up WAY too much time. After going through several different ideas for color schemes (brown grout with dark grey stones, light grout with dark gray stones, and several other combinations) I think we finally settled for a dark grey grout with lighter grey stones. I like the basic color schemes below, they just need to look less flat and more like individual stones.

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First Battle Report

Posted in Battle Report, Miniatures, Table on May 11th, 2009 by Svenn
Best roll of the game!!

Best roll of the game!!

Well, I would consider the first Mordheim game on our new table a success. We had five people show up, three of which had played Mordheim before and two who were new to Games Workshop games completely. It was a beautiful day so we pulled the table out of Tewfik’s garage and put it under some cover outside. We spent about 6 or 7 hours and managed to finish one full game. We did spend a few hours training the new people and letting them play a few rounds of a game so they knew what was going on before we started the big game. Since we didn’t have any finished terrain pieces we decided to play on the bare table and not actually use the blocks. We just used the cardboard houses and other random bits that we had, so it’s not much to look at right now.

My girlfriend, who was one of the people new to Games Workshop games, also made us a Mordheim cake, a ruined house on some cobblestone, in celebration of the first event on the new table. Here are some pics of the cake:

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Tewfik's WIP's

Posted in Miniatures on May 7th, 2009 by tewfik

Here are 3 of my current WIP’s

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Tewfik's Skaven Warband

Posted in Miniatures on May 4th, 2009 by tewfik

Sorry that i have been slacking on the Picture taking/cropping and posting… BUT!!

I finally got around to taking pictures of my Skaven to show what Svenn gets to deal with.

These models were painted about 6 years ago or so, some still are not complete others are complete and could use some ‘fixing’ but will most likely stay the way they are because i enjoy seeing the phases that my painting skill has gone through over the years.

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Svenn's Possessed Warband

Posted in Miniatures on April 23rd, 2009 by Svenn


I finally got around to taking pictures of my Possessed Warband to show off. I have the Mordheim Possessed box set, with a modified Possessed model. I’m hoping to pick up some beastman, more Darksouls, and another mutant model or two sometime soon. If anyone has any suggestions on good mutant models or bits, let me know!

The Possessed and the Magister are both finished. They were both painted by me (with a little help from Tewfik, since he’s the superior painter). I added a third arm to the Possessed model. I bought the extra arm bit and attached it with some glue, then used some putty (I can’t remember what it was exactly, it was a few years ago) to make the arm look more naturally attached. The henchman are still a work in progress. All the work on them so far has been done by my girlfriend. The one henchman is missing a spear tip because I cut off the original end and have a studded spear tip to attach instead.

UPDATE: Since people keep bringing it up, the bases are not done. I’m thinking about painting them grey and making them either look like cobblestone or just putting some rubble on them. I’ll post some new pics after the henchman are finished and the bases are all done.

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