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First House Attempt [round 1]

Posted in Buildings, Small Blocks, Terrain, Work In Progress on July 8th, 2009 by tewfik
Final struture with broken walls

Final structure with broken walls

FINALLY!!! Now that we have a finalized idea for our Flagstone, we can start building buildings and other terrain features to fill the blocks for the table.

So far the first building has turned out well, although I built it completely backwards. For starters I glued the entire house together before cutting out the windows, or “breaking” the walls, which just made it more time consuming then if I had cut them out when the walls were still flat.

Currently the house is very clean looking and still missing many details, I plan to add more trimwork around the walls, and I have already started making the the floor look like wood planks, as well as trimming the corner pieces slightly so they dont look so perfect (which will be seen in the next post).

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Foamcore Building Update

Posted in Buildings, Terrain, Work In Progress on June 30th, 2009 by Svenn


I have been able to do a little bit of work on the foamcore building recently. I am in the process of testing out various methods for the walls right now. I picked up some lightweight Spackle for texturing and so far it seems to be great. The textured look is great, and it seems pretty tough. It’s also really easy to carve out of if necessary.

In addition to the Spackle I also tested out a method for doing a chipped away look with the underlying framework showing. This consisted of cutting away the top layer of paper on the foamcore, then drawing in a brick pattern on the foam with a pen. When combined with the Spackle it really gives the look of a broken wall with the brick framework showing. You can also see on the left side of the window where I added in a small crack in the wall. This is pretty easy to do with the Spackle and a sharp knife. Read more »

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First Foamcore Building – Work In Progress

Posted in Buildings, How-To, Terrain, Work In Progress on May 29th, 2009 by Svenn


I finally got around to working on foamcore buildings! In a few hours last night I was able to get the first story of a simple building put together using foamcore, matchsticks, and popsicle sticks. I still need to add some stuff to it, including some framing, and it will need to be painted of course. I was going to use some of the new cardstock printouts as base templates for my building, but after fiddling with getting them printed out I decided I would just try it by making my own pattern. I’m pleased with the progress I made so far, though the popsicle sticks didn’t want to cooperate last night.

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