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Posted in Terrain on July 7th, 2009 by Svenn


Yeah, I decided to use the actual name for this instead of calling it cobblestone again, mostly because it actually looks like Flagstone now instead of funny shaped cobblestone. I did some work last night with texturing and painting the stones and it looks even better than before. We finally have something the looks random and rough, and not so uniform.

While working on a house last week with Tewfik we put together a small block to use as the base for the house (this post is coming soon!). After painting the flagstone it just looked too bland and uniform (and not so much like rocks) when put together with the house and miniatures. I got yet another idea from my girlfriend for painting though. This new method is quite a bit of work (it took me several hours for a 6″ block), but I think it looks excellent. I’m sure with some practice I can get the painting time down to something more reasonable.

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Better Cobblestone Pictures

Posted in Terrain on June 15th, 2009 by Svenn

Since I struggled to get a good picture of the final cobblestone with the lighting I had before, I rushed home today to take pictures while it was still light outside. Here are a few more pics of the final cobblestone in natural light and without a flash. They look a lot better this way, and a lot darker, but for some reason it looks more blue than it really is. Anyway, check out these new pics. Read more »

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Cobblestone Painting, Take One

Posted in Terrain, Work In Progress on May 12th, 2009 by Svenn
A small block with the old stamp pattern, painted up

A small block with the old stamp pattern, painted up

We managed to get some attempts at painting cobblestone in. It looks okay, but I’m not completely satisfied with the results. I do think that the stamps will work exactly as they are now. The patterns look great when pressed into the foam itself, now we just need to make it look good after painting… and to find a good way of painting without taking up WAY too much time. After going through several different ideas for color schemes (brown grout with dark grey stones, light grout with dark gray stones, and several other combinations) I think we finally settled for a dark grey grout with lighter grey stones. I like the basic color schemes below, they just need to look less flat and more like individual stones.

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The start of terrain building…

Posted in Terrain on April 11th, 2009 by Svenn

We started on creating some terrain. We took 1/2″ styrofoam insulation and glued it to 1/4″ particle board to create the blocks. We started by creating blocks of various sizes; 8 12″ squares, 2 18″ squares, 3 6″ squares, a 6″x12″ block, and a 6×18″ block.

We started working on the 6″ square first, with the intentions of creating a small block with a destroyed well. We primed the styrofoam which ate away at it a little, but this gave it a more textured look. We used a textured spray paint as a base for the tile. The goal is to create a destroyed well in the center with cobblestone around it.

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