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Tewfik's Skaven Warband

Sorry that i have been slacking on the Picture taking/cropping and posting… BUT!!

I finally got around to taking pictures of my Skaven to show what Svenn gets to deal with.

These models were painted about 6 years ago or so, some still are not complete others are complete and could use some ‘fixing’ but will most likely stay the way they are because i enjoy seeing the phases that my painting skill has gone through over the years.

Assassin Adept

Assassin Adept w/ Claws

Assassin Adept w/ Claws

Being a Fan of the ’80’s Cartoons I painted the Thundercats logo onto a cape that i equipped my Assassin Adept with.  Sometimes i use the Death Master Snikch model as my leader even tho it looks like hes equiped with Weeping Blades.

Deathmaster Snikch

Deathmaster Snikch

Black Skaven

Black Skaven with Flail

Black Skaven with Flail

Black Skaven with Claws

Black Skaven with Claws

Night Runners

Night Runner

Night Runner

Rat Ogre

Rat Ogre

Rat Ogre

A Skaven Warband isn’t complete until you bring the muscle.

WIP Sorcerer



I use the model for Plague Lord Skrolk as my Sorcerer.

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11 Responses to “Tewfik's Skaven Warband”

  1. Yo, Skanky skavin have syphilis, Just Kidding.
    For the 9th i was gonna use the beastmen any chance of gettin ’em before then if not, ill see em there,
    You wanna play a short game to refreshen our memories of the rules? This week

  2. YO again, these pics are F ing amazing, I for got that they were the bringers of DOOM.
    Its erik if you dont know whats up.

  3. Tewfik says:

    Yes, i actually have them at my house now… if you want we can play a game today when i get home from work… i dont think i have to do anything so ill give you a call when i get home… Or call me when your available i should be home around 530-6

  4. Tewfik says:

    ohh and yes they bring the DOOM alright 🙂

  5. That was a fun game, Next time I’ll have enough time for 2 games, Be ready. I am pretty happy with the fact that nobody Got hurt on my side, and glad your skaven died(ha-ha).
    Over all it was a pretty fair match. considering i was out numbered 2 to1 and 2 models Got T.O.A in pretty much first round.
    :side note: it reads that henchmen gain experience as a group, so as of now my thunders(crossbowmen) have balistic skill 4, (Hell yeah)

    Any thing good for you?

  6. Tewfik says:

    I think i forgot to roll for advancements haha, i did get my guy rehired, but ill basicly be a fresh warband again…

    when you wana play agian?? this time i wont delay the game having to write up my army…
    im game whenever… tonights good if kickball gets cancelled so lemme know…

  7. erik says:

    YO. I am trying to make it. But i might have to do some other things today.:(
    I was looking forward to it but, Life happens. If someone wants to play with the beastmen and dwarfs i already have a warband list writen up. or play how you want,.
    I can drop’em by whenever

  8. Tewfik says:

    If you want to play sometime today give a call, I should be home most of the day.

  9. Tewfik says:

    Its all good, we had a large 5 person game took a while to finish. We need to get/make more terrain, so we can have both sides of the table going at once. If you want to play sometime today give a call, I should be home most of the day.

  10. David says:

    very nice warband you got there, im in the process of getting models together for my own and i’m wondering what model you use for the black skaven with the 2 handed flail? i’m buying a night runners box and some heros maybe i missed something but i havent seen a model with 2 handed flails.

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