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About Us

Tabletop Geeks began as the adventure of two guys (with the help of a girl, too) as they attempted to build the ultimate modular tabletop gaming table. We decided to build our own table from scratch to fit the design we wanted. The basic idea was to create a lipped table with various size terrain blocks so that we could mix and match them for different terrain configurations. The table itself was a success!

This site was originally a place for us to display our progress on our table, but has evolved into much more! This is now a place of for all kinds of tabletop gaming. We have expanded to now display not only our terrain and miniatures, but the works of others as well. We have interviews with prominent tabletop community figures. We also have how-tos for all kinds of things tabletop gaming. We tend to center mainly around skirmish games, but we’re open to trying any new tabletop game that comes our way.

If you would like to contact us, please send us an email at

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