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Rotten Belles

Blue Belle

Undead Ladies of the Night!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my miniatures here. I’m a bit slow with the painting. However, I have finished up all 3 of my Rotten Belles for my Malifaux Resurrectionist crew. I’ve got the Red Chapel box set along with a few additional models (Bete Noir, Copycat Killer, and Miss Pack). I’m trying to get at least a 25-35ss crew completed so I can field a fully painted army for simple games, and so I can possibly participate in some tournaments. I’m in the process of painting up Sybelle now as well, so I’ll try and get some pics up of her soon. For now, here are some pics of the finished Rotten Belles.

These pics and plenty more pics of all the belles are available over on my Tabletop Geeks User Site. You can sign up for your own Tabletop Geeks User Site as well.

Red Belle

The Red Belle

Blue Belle

The Blue Belle

Green Belle

The Green Belle

Belles Group

Belles Group

These are the first models I’ve painted in a while and the first time I’ve tried to paint anything “pretty”. I’m used to painting demons and other nasty things where I can be somewhat sloppy and it still looks good. I am fairly happy with the way these turned out. I am very proud of the bases. I tried to go with a “fresh from the grave” theme, so I put some static grass down and made the gravestones from foamboard. The green bases I actually redid in a much darker green as well so as not to detract from the models themselves as much.

Hopefully I can get Sybelle finished soon. I’m trying to figure out how to paint black leather and black mesh on top of skin. Keep an eye out for those pics shortly!

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2 Responses to “Rotten Belles”

  1. Sezar says:

    Good stuff!! I find it quite funny that our Belles’s got exactly the same colours!!! We’ve got to date together to our twin crews can finally meet!!!

    Just one suggestion: try to thin your paints a bit, either with thinner or just plain water; your minis will enjoy it!!

  2. Svenn says:

    Yeah, for some reason I always tended to paint with the paint too thick. The new Vallejo paints I got seem to be a bit thinner on their own, and I’m trying to make sure I don’t paint with anything too thick. 🙂

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