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Major Updates to Malifaux Downloads

The Malifaux Downloads page has been getting a lot of love lately. There are not only new downloads up but the layout has been redesigned as well! Ratty and Cenotaph of the official Wyrd forums have been a huge help in making the downloads page awesome.The first thing you’ll notice is that the downloads page has been given an overhaul in layout to (hopefully) make it easier to navigate. When there were only a few downloads the old layout worked great, but as the downloads section as grown it got harder and harder to read. A special thanks to Ratty for coming up with the new layout.

The other thing you’ll probably notice is the new Rising Powers full reference sheet. In my last post about the Malifaux Downloads page I asked for someone to step up to the challenge of updating the reference sheets with all of the errata and Rising Powers rules. Cenotaph and Ratty stepped up to work on an amazing new reference sheet together. I absolutely love this reference sheet as it not only has everything I need but has it in a very easy to read layout.

Finally, it was suggested recently that I should have a way to mark the downloads as updated since some of these downloads have gone through multiple versions. I’m looking into the best way to set it up so that it’s obvious when it’s been updated without cluttering up the page. I’ve got a test up now if you hover over the Rising Powers full reference sheet. Any feedback is appreciated! Alternately, if you follow us on twitter I’ll try and let everyone know when stuff is updated.

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