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Editable Mordheim Roster PDF

I just wanted to make a quick post here to let people know that I’ve added an awesome new download to the downloads section. It is a fully editable Mordheim Roster in PDF form. You can make changes right on the PDF and save them. I have uploaded this, with permission, from Marvelous Miniatures. It is well worth checking out, enough so that I felt it deserved it’s own news post. Thanks to cianty for pointing it out to me as well.

Also, I have put up a few other various downloads in the Mordheim downloads section recently as well. Go check them out!

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3 Responses to “Editable Mordheim Roster PDF”

  1. TC says:

    Hey Svenn! Great site, congrats on the 1 year anniversary!

    I downloaded the Mordheim buildings terrain (thank you for providing) and as I was editing and matching fronts to backs, I noticed that 2 of the card layouts were missing…

    The downloads give the fronts identical to the backs…

    4bFront, 4bBack,

    4MidFront, 4MidBack

    It’s a bit cheeky to ask, but I don’t suppose you have the files? It would truly make our mordheim campaigns if you did!

    All the best,


  2. Svenn says:

    Unfortunately I think that was an error when those files were being made by the person that set them up. I do not have the other files. 🙁

  3. TC says:

    Not to worry, it was a long shot anyway and thanks for the reply!

    I’ll just have to try and use my own graphics to cover the other sides of the terrain, or just modify it to suit! Either way, our Mordheim campaign is looking like it’s going to get the terrain it needs!

    Thanks again!

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