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User Pages are in Beta!

That’s right… the Tabletop Geeks User Pages (name subject to change) has entered beta testing! I’ve hand picked a few people to test out the new user pages. I will hopefully be opening them to everyone within a week or so. What can you expect from the user pages? Here’s somethings that are ready and some ideas of what’s to come.

Here are the current features of the user pages for the first version:

  • Your very own personal Tabletop Geeks site with the url of!
  • Free photo hosting. Upload your photos into galleries. Resize, rotate, name, caption, and watermark your photos right on the site! Galleries are automatically displayed on your userpage. Galleries can include information about the photos such as the game they are from, the setting, the army/warband, and the miniatures’ publisher. It is also possible to comment directly on a gallery.
  • Tabletop gaming profile. You can choose to display information about yourself and your gaming right on your page.
  • Your own personal tabletop gaming journal with the ability to include galleries or photos right in your posts. Post up battle reports, painting logs, reviews of new games, or anything else you desire.

That’s not all we’ve got planned though. The following features will be implemented in the future:

  • Site wide directory allowing you to browse through all of the non-private galleries on any user page. Galleries will be searchable and sortable by game, setting, army/warband, and publisher. Expect this shortly!
  • Free file hosting! Upload and share your house rules, custom warbands, or any other tabletop related files you have.
  • Roster builder saving and campaign updating support! You will be able to save your roster builder warbands to your user page for display, and load them into the roster builder to update them throughout a campaign. The roster builder will be getting campaign support to make this possible.

There are a few other possibilities for features in the future, but those are the main three. If you have any questions, suggestions for the user pages, or would like to get in for some early testing on them (we will be adding a few more testers before going live!) then feel free to contact us as always.


3 Responses to “User Pages are in Beta!”

  1. Mordheimer says:

    So far the place is looking fantastic! It has the potential to have everything that the current forum is missing. THANKS!!!

  2. Xso says:

    Great News !

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