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Hordes Primal Mk II Rulebook Review

Posted in Reviews on October 23rd, 2010 by Svenn
Hordes Primal Mk II Rulebook

Hordes Primal Mk II

After some time of staring longingly at the Hordes/Warmachine models I finally got a copy of the Hordes Primal Mk II Rulebook by Privateer Press. I do not have any models yet and I haven’t played a game, but I did finish reading the rulebook so I wanted to write up my thoughts. I will probably come back and write an actual review of the full game itself, but for now these are my thoughts on this book and what I know about Hordes now. Keep in mind that this is my first experience with the Iron Kingdoms so I will not be comparing this to the previous version of Hordes but rather looking at this with a set of completely fresh eyes and an open mind.

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