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Svenn's High Elves

Posted in Miniatures on May 17th, 2009 by Svenn


I finally got around to taking pictures of my Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Army. When I first got into Games Workshop games 15 or so years ago it was the High Elves out of the old Warhammer Fantasy Battles box set that I started with. I’ve got a full unit of 20 Spearmen, 8 Archers, Prince Tyrion, and a bolt thrower (along with 1 of the 2 units accompanying it) painted up. Keep in mind that these were all painted probably 8 or more years ago, and were my first attempts at painting. I’ve never been a very strong painter, but this just shows how bad I was when I first started. If you compare this to the Possessed Warband I posted up before you will see that I’ve made quite an improvement. The bases on the elves are done, but the light green I did underneath of the flock doesn’t look so great. I’m not incredibly happy with the colors I used either. I think I also used cheap paints, which is noticeable in a few spots (especially in a side view of Prince Tyrion’s horse where there are dark and light patches of blue). You’ll have to excuse the dust around, these things have been sitting on a shelf for years untouched. Eventually I’d like to get back and paint some more Elves, though they may end up being more suited towards some sort of Mordheim Elven Warband. Feel free to leave any comments about how bad I was when I first started. Enjoy!

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