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Roster Builder Update (It's Printable!)

I have made some major updates to the Roster Builder. I have added several new warbands. I added a few buttons to switch between official and unofficial warbands. I made a few other minor changes as well. The whole thing is coming along nicely.

The major change, though, is that you can now print it! That’s right, with the click of one button it will export the enter roster to a nicely printable roster with all your data. Enjoy!

The Roster Builder is located here.

I will continue adding warbands and new features. I have a huge site update planned soon. With this update will come a new functionality for the Roster Builder… the ability to save your warbands! Soon after I hope to have the ability to edit the warband for mid-campaign use as well. Don’t forget to check back.


3 Responses to “Roster Builder Update (It's Printable!)”

  1. jim weaver says:


    Your Roster Builder looks like it is coming along nicely! What language are you using? It looks like it is mostly javascript running in the browser, but is it hand-coded javascript or is it javascript generated by some framework (ala GWT)?

    I have had a web-based Mordheim campaign management tool on my list to do for years, but there is always something else to do (like play games!). I have one started, but it is only in the beginning stages. If you guys are using a language I know, I’d be happy to contribute to yours if you were willing to either open source it or put it on a source code project site like Assembla.

  2. Svenn says:

    It’s pretty much all hand-coded Javascript, using XML databases. I was going to use php originally, but Javascript worked out better. 🙂

  3. jim weaver says:

    Ah, ok. Probably I could not help much with JavaScript stuff! What I had started was more server based, with just html and some ajax on client side. I have not gotten back to it in months, and knowing you guys are working on something may leave it alone! An online app would be so much better than dealing with army builder.

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