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Roster Builder Saving Fixed

It seems there was a problem with the code for saving Rosters in the Roster Builder. The buttons to save just wouldn’t show up even if you had a User Site and were logged in. This is now fixed. The saving should work properly. If you see any other issues with it, please contact us so we can get it fixed asap.

Just a reminder that in order to save you need to not only have a username, but have signed up for a site as well as everything is saved to your site. Check out this post for more information on Roster Builder saving.

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4 Responses to “Roster Builder Saving Fixed”

  1. dragonace says:

    Can’t work out how to find my saved Shadow Warriors roster. Where do I go to retrieve it???

  2. Svenn says:

    It’s on your Tabletop Geeks site that you signed up for. Yours is here:

  3. skullthrower says:

    Hello, how to delete saved roster ? i make many rosters and i need delete “bad” rosters
    Sorry for my english 🙂

  4. Svenn says:

    Unfortunately there is no way to delete your rosters yourself currently. If you email us at with which ones you would like removed I can delete them.

    If you use the same file name that should also overwrite them.

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