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Malifaux v2 Stat Cards in PDF Form!

In keeping up with their tradition of great customer support and dedication to keeping their game from being too expensive Wyrd Miniatures has released the v2 stat cards for Malifaux in PDF form. The v2 stat cards have all of the latest errata and rules on them. This is a quick way to print out the latest cards if you’ve got the original versions of the stat cards. This is also great if you simply want to have print outs of your opponent’s cards so you can keep up with what their characters can do without needing to flip through the rulebook. The stat cards are available over on the Malifaux Downloads page right now!

In addition to releasing the stat cards in PDF form Wyrd has opened up a trade in program for your old stat cards. You can simply mail in your v1 stat cards along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and Wyrd will mail you the v2 stat cards for free! They’ll even take them if they are laminated. If you happen to have a local Malifaux Henchman you can also simply turn your cards into them and they will handle the replacement for you. If you are interested in replacement cards then check out the v2 Stat Card redemption program.


Malifaux Rules Manual

Finally, if you haven’t heard yet Wyrd is also releasing a Malifaux Rules Manual soon as well, both in PDF form and in book form. The Rules Manual book will include all of the rules, including the Rising Powers expansion, updated with all of the current errata and including new examples and explanations. The PDF version will include the same rules minus the Rising Powers expansion, giving everyone free access to the base game rules. This is due out in early 2011.

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