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Madam Sybelle, the Most Rotten Belle

I finally finished up my next model, Madam Sybelle. If you have not played Malifaux, she would be the head of the Resurrectionist’s Rotten Belles essentially. While not my best model, she came out well enough I think.

I tried a few different things with Sybelle. I tried drybrushing the black leather with a dark blue for highlights but it didn’t seem to work so well. It’s pretty hard to tell in the pictures as well. I also tried a combination of drybrushing, washing, and then drybrushing again to see how that worked. I feel like it did a good job of highlighting the skin tones and making her look sufficiently dirty since I’m going for the “fresh from the grave” look on all of my undead.

I also had some trouble deciding how to do the trim on her outfit but eventually settled on the white. It came out almost looking like a french maid outfit, which I really liked. It’s different than the usual paint jobs I’ve seen on Sybelle which is something I really strive for.

Finally, the mesh was interesting to try and paint. I started out with a wash of Pale Flesh over the mesh area, which I then highlighted with a drybrush of black for the upper parts of the mesh. I think it worked well enough. It seems to look much better in person than it does in the pictures.

You can find more pics of Sybelle in the full gallery in my gallery section. You can find more Malifaux pics in the Tabletop Geeks member galleries section.

Madam Sybelle

Madam Sybelle

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