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Amazing Miniature Hobbit Hole

I don’t normally make posts like this, but this I felt warranted the attention. Maddie Chambers over at Mad’s Hobbit Hole has made a miniature Bag End hobbit hole replica from the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring movie. It is simply amazing. It may not be directly related to tabletop gaming, but it is still a beautiful piece of miniature scenery. As both a huge Lord of the Rings fan and a fan of miniature tabletop scenery this is just a very exciting piece.

But don’t just take my word for it, here are a couple sample pictures:

Overview of Bag end Hobbit Hole by Maddie Chambers

The amount of detail inside this thing is incredible!

The whole hobbit hole with cover on.

It even includes a removable hilltop cover!

There are a TON more pictures over at Maddie’s blog along with details on how she accomplished this so be sure to check that out! She’s even written up a work in progress post with details on how she put this all together. This piece is really an inspiration for any miniature builder.

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