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Table with Terrain Blocks

Posted in Table, Terrain on April 20th, 2009 by Svenn
Up close and personal.

Up close and personal.

We set up the table this weekend to test out how the blocks all fit together and to see how it looked. We should probably be a little more careful with the measurements of the blocks, but it seems like it works pretty well. I think once the pieces are finished the gaps between the blocks will be less noticeable. It’s pretty exciting to see the whole thing finally coming together.

The pics below are with only half of the table open. I hadn’t thought about it before but since we have an 8’x4′ table then we can actually leave one side of the table down and still have a 4’x4′ area to play a small game which can save some room from opening the full board out. If we get enough people over to play we can pull up the other side and do either a 6’x4′ board or 2 4’x4′ boards.

So, here you go… pics of the table with terrain blocks (and a few of my Possessed figures and Tewfik’s Bretonnian figures) set up for 4’x4′. You can click on the images for the full size versions.

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The (mostly) finished table!

Posted in Table on March 29th, 2009 by Svenn
Great Success! High fives!

Great Success! High fives!

The table itself is finished and functional, though we will probably decorate and stain it to make it aesthetically pleasing. It’s a little bit taller (it’s 44″ tall) than we had initially planned on due to changing some of the plans as we went. Essentially, the wheels work by making sure the middle legs with the wheels would be sticking out when the sides folded down, so the legs had to be longer than the sides, which we made 3.5′ each (with a 1′ middle section).

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