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Malifaux Rules Manual and New Downloads

Rules Manual Cover

Rules Manual!

I probably should have posted this sooner but there have been several Malifaux updates recently. First of all, for those who might not have heard the Malifaux Rules Manual and Malifaux Gaining Ground (Tournament) files have been posted up. These are available on Wyrd’s website and are also linked in our Malifaux Downloads page. These are both available as completely free pdf documents. The Rules Manual includes updated rules with better examples that should help clarify things a bit more. The Gaining Ground document offers up full rules and information on running a Malifaux tournament.

In addition, there have been several more updates to our Malifaux Downloads page. With the new rules updates comes a full set of updated Reference cards (courtesy of Ratty). The downloads page has grown significantly over the last year (and especially the last couple of months) and I highly recommend checking out all it has to offer. I really think we’ve got some great resources here and it continues to expand constantly, so keep checking back!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions then feel free to contact us.

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