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Dungeons and Dragons

I have not had the chance to do a lot of tabletop gaming recently, but I did recently started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with a group of friends. We’re only about level 5 now so we’re really just getting started. One of the guys in the group has decided to do a write-up every week about the campaign so I thought I would share those here.

Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Week 1
Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Week 2
Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Week 3
Dungeons and Dragons Campaign Week 4

Here are some of my favorite excerpts with commentary.

Our DM has put a lot of work into creating a new world for us. It’s a pretty interesting idea so far and I can’t wait to explore more of it!
“Our tale takes place in a massive walled city (described by the DM as “about the size of Connecticut”), which had been built up on an island over hundreds of years after its inhabitants fled their previous home. Ravaged by wayward magic, fire had engulfed their entire continent, and the only way they could escape was by boat. Because of this past, magic is heavily controlled in this city, but it isn’t entirely forbidden: it must either be used in self-defense, or in ways that benefit society. Any form of extra-planar magic, or any kind of “dark magic” is never allowed.”

I love getting creative with spells. Mage hand has plenty of uses.
“As the one with a club charges Belt, Svenn magehands a stake with a piece of rope tied on it (that was previously being used to tie down the boy), and trips the club barbarian.”

Oh the perils of being an adventurer…
“Covered in disgusting nastiness, the party returns to the Magistrate’s office, who promptly insists they visit a bath house first.  The entire bath house is cleared out, as the party smells like the foulest pit of hell.”

It’s amazing the number of uses you can get out of cantrips! Also, no need to kill everything if you’re clever enough.
“They barely take a step into the forest when they’re attacked by a small group of beast men.  Belt slows them down temporarily with a mighty roar (Intimidate check, modified 16), while Svenn manages to scare a few of them off by casting Ghost Sound.”

Check out the links above for the full story. We play every Monday and the new write-ups should show up on Tuesdays so keep an eye out!

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  1. Can’t wait for tonight!

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