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Interview: madscuzzy (Creator of Orktimus Prime)

Posted in Interviews, Miniatures on November 20th, 2010 by Svenn
Orktimus Prime

Orktimus Prime!

It’s been a while since we’ve done any interviews. However, I happened across an amazing conversion recently and just had to interview it’s creator. Some of you may have already seen the Orktimus Prime, a conversion of the Ork Trukk model into a working Ork Optimus Prime Transformers model. This is the brilliant work of madscuzzy (aka Dom). If you haven’t seen it yet, well, it’s something you just have to see. I can’t really describe how great it is.

This is one of my favorite conversions that I’ve seen. It’s a great idea and madscuzzy did an amazing job with it! It turns out that he’s also done some other very fine work as well! I was very impressed with all of his conversions, and the great trench table that he built. Check out the interview below to learn all about Orktimus Prime and the man behind the machine.

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