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Interview: madscuzzy (Creator of Orktimus Prime)

Orktimus Prime

Orktimus Prime!

It’s been a while since we’ve done any interviews. However, I happened across an amazing conversion recently and just had to interview it’s creator. Some of you may have already seen the Orktimus Prime, a conversion of the Ork Trukk model into a working Ork Optimus Prime Transformers model. This is the brilliant work of madscuzzy (aka Dom). If you haven’t seen it yet, well, it’s something you just have to see. I can’t really describe how great it is.

This is one of my favorite conversions that I’ve seen. It’s a great idea and madscuzzy did an amazing job with it! It turns out that he’s also done some other very fine work as well! I was very impressed with all of his conversions, and the great trench table that he built. Check out the interview below to learn all about Orktimus Prime and the man behind the machine.

What is your real name?
Dom šŸ™‚

Where are you from?

What is your occupation?
Lecturer in Game Design in Singapore Polytechnic.


Orktimus Prime

The Orktimus Prime is a pretty amazing mod. How did you get the idea for this or what made you want to do it?
Well… the name kinda sounds right doesn’t it? I’m a big transformers fan… so any truck is a potential Optimus. What sealed the idea was that the kit comes with a trailer joint under the flatbed… which will never see the light of day. It was a sign… šŸ™‚

How long did it take to put together the whole thing from start to finish?
The building itself didn’t take very long, probably about a month or 2, in between other works. What took a long time however, was getting the courage to sit down and paint it.

Orktimus PrimeOrktimus Prime

Orktimus Prime Side by Side

What was the hardest part of putting together the Orktimus Prime?
Painting it. I don’t really like painting. And I didn’t want to damage the model with it. But it needed to be completed.

The Orktimus Prime was based on the Ork Trukk, but did you use any additional parts from other models to put this together? If so, what extra pieces did you use?
The only ‘non-GW’ parts are the ball joints, magnets and plastic rod. The joints are from 3rd party Gundam compatible parts (such as Kotobukiya’s M.S.G. Series of parts). The overall conversion scavanged parts from 1.5 ork trukk kits.


Orktimus Prime WIP Side by Side

How long have you been interested in the tabletop hobby and how did you get into it?
Was introduced to the hobby by a friend from way long, but officially started in ’97.

What games do you play? What armies do you play in those games?
Besides 40k, some computer games here and there (love DOW1 and 2 of course). Random stuff. But in terms of tabletop wargaming, only 40k.

Trench Table

madscuzzy's Trench Table

Do you have any rituals while modeling/painting such as listening to specific music?
Erm… working at night is fun? Music, Discovery Channel/History/Natgeo etc. usually. I like hanging out, doing hobby stuff with friends, so I do a lot of my painting (and some modeling at times) in my LGS (Paradigm Infinitum), but otherwise most of the modeling stuff I do at home.

What are some of your influences or where do you draw your inspiration from? Obviously Transformers was an influence with Orktimus Prime, but are there any other books, movies, art, or other sources that have had an impact on your work? Whose work has had an impact on you and your projects?
I believe anything can be an influence or inspiration. I could list stuff out… but it might take too long to read… šŸ˜‰

What is your favorite piece that you’ve done or what are you most proud of? What do you like about it?
To be honest, I have no idea. I do what I like, and what I want, so all of them are my favourite pieces. My current favs besides Prime are my Modern Heresy-style Vanguard, Sternguard, Mk1&2 Landspeeders, my Captain(Now with non-chappie parts) on stolen-and-converted-MotRW-jetbike and my trench table. Oh and the SM painter(s) on BnC (I didn’t do the ork).

Captain on Jetbike

Captain on Converted Jetbike

What is your favorite piece that someone else has done? What do you like about it?
Hmmm tough one. I do really like an Ork Dino Deffdread a friend did recently.

What is your favorite part of the hobby? Do you prefer working with terrain or miniatures?
Modeling. Conversions. I do both, a lot. Different methodologies and approach for both, so they are both interesting to me. Terrain does take up a lot more space though…

What technique has given you the most trouble? Do you have any tips for someone else who might be struggling with it?
Hmmm… Any new technique is difficult to learn. Advice? Practice. But practice the right stuff. Experiment, and ask those who have done it before you for advice, so you can skip some steps so you can move along faster. Don’t be stubborn and move with the flow.

Are there any areas that you’d like to improve on?
Painting armies fast I suppose.

What projects are you working on currently? What would be your dream project?
Painting my marines at the moment and orks. Dream project… since the trench is somewhat done, probably a 40k compatible space hulk terrain board?


madscuzzy's Vanguard

What tips, tricks, or advice can you share with us? Are there any special brands or materials that you use that other people might not know about?
No tricks really… Oh GS doesn’t work with water (don’t listen to anyone saying water is good… it really isn’t). Vaseline is good. Don’t bend plastic card when you can get plastic rod/tube which is already curved. Dremels and electic screwdrivers(great for drilling) are fun, or failing that, Tamiya Hobby drills are great. Sandable putties such as Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type are awesome. Don’t limit yourself.

What other hobbies do you have outside of tabletop gaming?
Drawing mainly…

Anything else about yourself that you care to share? Do you have a website that people can check out if they are interested in knowing more about you or seeing more of your work?
Besides my own long unupdated website,, The Waaagh!, there is always Bolter and Chainsword… šŸ™‚


Landspeeder Squad

Thank you to madscuzzy for the interview! I hope you like the Orktimus Prime as much as I do. Check out the full thread of Orktimus Prime finished pictures or the Orktimus Prime work in progress pictures.

If you are looking for more miniatures pictures check out our member galleries.

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6 Responses to “Interview: madscuzzy (Creator of Orktimus Prime)”

  1. JC says:

    Wow that’s really badass!

  2. Sigmar says:

    Wow, exceptionally cool model conversion work !

    How about you show us some of Dom’s drawings ?

    Nice blog, keep it up,

    my Battle Reports
    my WFB blog

  3. The Antipope says:

    I am a very big fan of this models. Seen it a while ago and I am still amazed now as I was since then. Is the model anywhere in display (like a shop or something) or is Dom keeping it at his home?

  4. Mordheimer says:

    Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks Svenn for the wonderful interview. And to you madscuzzy… I don’t know what a “scuzzy” is supposed to be, but you are definitely MAD! In a great sense! Your attention to detail is noteworthy of my favorite compliment… your model is DeafNalistic!!!! Thanks for sharing your art and creativity with the world. We ALL appreciate your great effort and congratulate you on a magnificent museum piece!

  5. madscuzzy says:

    Thanx to all those who love the model…:)

  6. Sylver says:

    My only question is what does he count Orktimus in the game? its a trukk, but it transforms and could be considered a Stompa… or is it both?

    “Orktibots! Transform and WAAAAGH OUT!”

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