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Malifaux Downloads

Welcome to the Malifaux downloads section. We’ve got tons of reference sheets and supplements for Malifaux and are always on the look out for more! If you would like to submit something for us to upload here or you have a request for us to obtain something, then please email us at Permission has been obtained to host these files and links provided to the original websites where possible.

Karn had the following to say about his Tactica below:
“These are in-depth Tactica’s essentially walk-throughs for each master. They are long, detailed, and designed to provide help for new players and veteran players alike. These are living documents and as such they will be updated infrequently with edits, corrections, and additions. Right now they only cover the core models for these Masters as I see them, essentially the Vanilla models (the ones that follow the Master’s themes). So I hope you enjoy them and find them informative and helpful. If you have any feedback, comments, edits, or corrections for me please send them to my email at
~Karn987 (Steve)”

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