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Dark Elves Now Available in Roster Builder!

Posted in Site News on December 22nd, 2010 by Svenn

It’s been a while since this has happened, unfortunately, but the Roster Builder has received a small update. Thanks to a reader/fan of Tabletop Geeks we now have the Dark Elves up on the Roster Builder (listed with the Unofficial warbands). I’m still looking to get the Roster Builder updated even more, specifically with campaign support but it’s going to take some time. Keep checking back and I’ll keep you guys updated. Read more »

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New Features and Bug Fixes

Posted in Site News on September 8th, 2010 by Svenn

I recently added some new things to the site, as well as fixed a few major bugs. The User Sites directory has been given a major update that adds some new pages as well as updates the way it displays the member galleries. If you were having troubles with the Roster Builder saving, try that again as I implemented a few pretty large bug fixes. I have also set up an official Tabletop Geeks twitter account. If you’re on twitter follow us for all the latest updates!

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Roster Builder Saving Fixed

Posted in Site News on August 29th, 2010 by Svenn

It seems there was a problem with the code for saving Rosters in the Roster Builder. The buttons to save just wouldn’t show up even if you had a User Site and were logged in. This is now fixed. The saving should work properly. If you see any other issues with it, please contact us so we can get it fixed asap.

Just a reminder that in order to save you need to not only have a username, but have signed up for a site as well as everything is saved to your site. Check out this post for more information on Roster Builder saving.

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Roster Builder Updated with Saving!

Posted in Site News on August 26th, 2010 by Svenn

It’s finally here. The Mordheim Roster Builder has been updated to allow you to save your warbands! You can not only save your warbands, but share them with your friends as well. All of this is done with the new Tabletop Geeks User Sites.

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More Roster Builder Stuff Coming Soon

Posted in Site News on March 22nd, 2010 by Svenn

I just wanted to toss out a quick update to let you guys know that EVEN MORE warbands are coming to the roster builder. In fact, a few are already up. The Nemesis Crown warbands, as well as a few additional warbands from Letters of the Damned will be up. Here’s a list of the currently available new warbands with links (no way to access them from the dropdowns on the Roster Builder yet):

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Roster Builder Updated with Border Town Burning Warbands!

Posted in Site News on March 8th, 2010 by Svenn

The Mordheim Roster Builder has been updated with ALL of the warbands from Border Town Burning. There is now a third button underneath the warband selection box allowing you to select “BTB” (Border Town Burning) in addition to buttons for “Official” and “Unofficial” warbands. A very special thanks to vampirekhaine from Tom’s Boring Mordheim Forum for helping me out by typing up the database files for these. Keep in mind that these are brand new and possibly have a few errors in them or are possibly missing a special rule somewhere, so if you see anything wrong then please let us know! You can either post here, respond to the Roster Builder thread on Tom’s, or contact us directly.

Also, don’t worry! I’m still working on allowing you to save your warband and update it later. That one is going to take some time as there are a LOT of rules to worry about.

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