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Painting Guides by Sigur

Captain Sicarius


If you’ve been to the Tabletop Geeks member galleries then you have probably seen some of Sigur’s work. He has definitely done some very great miniatures. However, he’s done more than just paint some miniatures, he’s been putting up painting guides to go along with some of them as well! These guides are excellent and a great way to pick up some new painting techniques for yourself. I highly recommend checking out both Sigur’s site and the painting guide

This latest painting guide shows off techniques used by Sigur to paint up Ultramarines Captain Sicarius. The guide takes you from start to finish with plenty of pictures along the way! While this guide is showing off one specific miniature a lot of the techniques used, especially the shading, can be applied just about anywhere. It ends with a beautifully painted miniature. Don’t take my word for here, check out these pictures of the finished model.


Captain Sicarius


Captain Sicarius Back

Of course this isn’t the first painting guide that Sigur has posted. A while back he also did a Dark Elf Black Guard Musician painting guide. Thanks to Sigur for his great guides and thanks for hosting them on Tabletop Geeks!

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2 Responses to “Painting Guides by Sigur”

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  2. Sicarious is looking awesome! I wish I had a painted version of him like that. Thanks for the photos. There’s so much detail in the little figure…it’s awesome. Thanks a lot.

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