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Downloads Updates

I’ve begun to add new downloads to the Mordheim downloads section now. I have a TON of stuff downloaded that I’m attempting to get permission to post. I have already received permission to host downloads from The Mordheimer’s Information Centre so I’ve put some of that up already. I have almost all of the official and unofficial Games Workshop warbands available, as well as a few other non-GW warbands. I have some additional scenarios, optional rules, and a few other things that I’d like to get up as well.

Bear with me while I work on the downloads page, I know that the layout isn’t the most appealing right now. I’ll be moving things around and adding stuff until I’ve got everything up. As always, if you have anything of interest that you think we should host then let us know or email it to us. Thanks!


One Response to “Downloads Updates”

  1. JimmyD says:

    Thanks for creating this down load page….Its been awesome reading the old Town Crier’s especially.


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