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Another new download…

I put up a new download in the downloads section. It’s a quick reference sheet for the post game sequence including the injury charts, exploration charts, and experience charts. There is also one of these in Letters of the Damned 1. I’d like to find some more quick reference sheets and other things of that nature, so if you have any to send or have a request for something you want then let us know!


One Response to “Another new download…”

  1. Wulfbanes says:

    I’ve landed myself quite a nice ingame reference sheet. The only thing I once needed, but couldn’t find was the rules concerning getting knocked down within 1″ of a potential fall.
    Either way, here’s a link for you:

    I would only recommend to not use the ‘advanced’ critical rules. While fun, they are unbalanced, especially the club is sickly dangerous with it’s instant kill (even on multi-wound characters!).
    As such, I recommend only using the missile criticals, regular melee criticals and gunpowder misfires.


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