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A New Painting Guide and What’s Coming Soon

Sigur of Battle Brush Studios, that crazy squirrel that brought you several painting guides on Tabletop Geeks earlier this year, is at it again! This time he’s put together a step-by-step painting guide for a Space Wolves Wolf Guard Battle Leader. This new painting guide turned out pretty awesome, just as with the previous guides. The guide comes complete with plenty of pictures of each step along the way, along with a description of how everything was done. I highly recommend checking out Sigur’s galleries as well as keeping an eye on his Tabletop Geeks page for any updates.

In other news, I am planning on posting a review for the new Lord of the Rings Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games that I picked up recently. The interesting thing is that this is a cooperative card based game that has you working together with friends (or just playing solo!) to complete various missions. I am also planning on picking up the Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game as well, and will post a review of that after I get to try it out. Warhammer: Invasion is a competitive card game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe that has you competing to destroy your opponent’s keep while protecting your own.

Puppet Wars by Wyrd Games is also coming soon. I can’t wait to get my hands on this as well. I will definitely post up a review, and plenty of pictures, once this is released. For now, Wyrd is posting a lot of teasers in their Puppet Wars forum.

There is also the possibility of some upcoming exclusives related to some of the new Mordheim projects from Liber Malefic as well! Keep an eye out for all the new stuff coming soon!

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One Response to “A New Painting Guide and What’s Coming Soon”

  1. sigur says:

    Thanks for the front-page feature, mate! 😉 I just added some more pictures of Blood Angels Terminators to the gallery. The first Malifaux crew is up as well!

    Looking forward to read what you think of the LotR card game. I enjoy FFG’s Space Hulk – Death Angel card game immensely which is also co-operative or to be played solo if one likes so if this is any similar I’m in!

    Puppet Wars definately is something I’ll look forward to as well.

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