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The New Year for Tabletop Geeks

Happy New Year everyone! I figured now would be a good idea to announce some of the changes coming to Tabletop Geeks this year. Don’t worry, these changes are all for the best and the main site and layout will not be going through any drastic changes.

The first thing that will be happening is that Tabletop Geeks will be moving to new (faster!) hosting. This means hopefully better download speeds and better site loading performance. Be aware that during this transition there may be minor hiccups, but I’m working to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. If all goes well then the only way you’ll even notice is by everything suddenly loading faster.

The other big thing coming is a pet project that I’ve been working on for the last month or two. With the new hosting I will be upgrading the back end to support a major new feature… tabletop photo and file hosting! The way this should work is that anyone can sign up for a free Tabletop Geeks account, and with this you will get your own mini-site (with the url of with the ability to host your own files and photos.

The really cool thing will be the ability to search and sort (by game name, developer name, or miniature company name) through all of the hosted photos and files (with the exception of any set to private) that everyone has uploaded. This will create a great directory to both show off your works as well as check out other people’s work. This will be also be a great way for people to upload any house rules, scenarios, etc for their favorite games to share with everyone!

Also coming with the Tabletop Geeks account will be the ability to save and update your Mordheim Roster from the Mordheim Roster Builder! This has been one of the most requested features since I started that project. You will be able to save your Roster to your Tabletop Geeks account, share it with others, and update it during a campaign.

You can also expect to see more games featured on Tabletop Geeks as well. Both Death Squads and Malifaux have come up in recent interviews, and you should expect to hear a lot more about both of those in the future. I recently picked up the Malifaux rule book and will be testing it out soon. I’ll post up my thoughts on that as well as show off my miniatures when they are ready.

On top of this, expect to see more interviews, more of our terrain and miniatures projects, and more battle reports. I hope everyone is as excited as I am! Here’s to another year of great tabletop gaming to everyone!


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