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New Features and Bug Fixes

I recently added some new things to the site, as well as fixed a few major bugs. The User Sites directory has been given a major update that adds some new pages as well as updates the way it displays the member galleries. If you were having troubles with the Roster Builder saving, try that again as I implemented a few pretty large bug fixes. I have also set up an official Tabletop Geeks twitter account. If you’re on twitter follow us for all the latest updates!

First of all, the member galleries page has been updated to display things a bit better. It will now show the most recently created or updated galleries first instead of the sort of random order that it was in before. This will make it easier to just check in and see if anything new has been added.

Going along with the addition of the Roster Builder saving, I’ve added a new Rosters page to the directory that will display the saved Rosters of all public users. Now you can see what other people are doing with their warbands! We’ve already got lots of people saving warbands, so check em out!

And the final new feature is the members list. As the name implies, this is simply a list of all the members of the site with links to their pages. If you’ve set your site to private, don’t worry because you will not be listed here (and your rosters and galleries will not show up on the other pages).

The other big thing is fixes to Roster Builder saving. There were several bugs here that were causing saved rosters to not work. Special characters in the file name were causing the link to load it not to work correctly at all. If you had special characters or blank names for the warband name or any of the character names it would cause the Roster Builder to stop at that name and not finish loading the rest of the Roster. These have all been fixed! I was able to make sure no one’s saved Rosters were lost either, so if yours was saved but would not load previously it should work now.

As always, if you find any issues or just have questions or comments for us then feel free to contact us.

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