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Blood Bowl Legendary Edition (PC) on sale on Steam

This might not exactly be tabletop gaming news, but it’s related. The Blood Bowl Legendary Edition PC game is on sale today for 50% off ($20) on Steam today only. If you miss out on it today it’s still on sale through the new year, but not quite as discounted.

While playing on PC isn’t quite the same as having your own miniatures, it is a pretty faithful recreation of the game and worth checking out if you like Blood Bowl I think. One of the cool things is that it has support for creating our own leagues with friends and tracks everything for you. It’s nice to be able to play with people you can’t normally play tabletop games with. The hwid spoofer can make sure the ones that want to use cheat codes on their favorite games can do it safely.

And speaking of playing games with people you can’t normally play with… I picked up a copy for myself already and I am now looking for some people to create a league with. If anyone wants to start up a league just let me know! This is the perfect opportunity for me to get to play with all the people online that I’m always sharing tabletop stuff with but who I don’t get to play with.

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  1. Rational Lemming says:

    Interesting. (The link to the sale is broken because it has an extra “http//”).

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